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Public Relations, Marketing & development Consultant

Caitlin Hazell has over twenty years of experience working in the field, specialising in Public Relations, Marketing & Branding Building, Development and Corporate Relations.

Caitlin has charity experience in the Arts, the health and disability sectors. Working to develop a charity’s strategy. Pitching to and securing corporate partnerships, managing Marketing and PR and more. Caitlin’s PR expertise is in interiors, retail, charities and antiques, but with her wide experience, is happy to have a chat about your business needs and ways to help your business position its brand, developing a PR campaign and support your digital marketing.

Caitlin is based in York but will work across the Yorkshire region or remotely.

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Public Relations

Relationships are key and the way you manage and handle the spread of your information can significantly raise your company's public profile. I can provide you with creative and engaging content to promote your business and communicate with your audience in press and print.

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Brand building

The perception of your brand is vitally important. I work with businesses to build their brand and to find the best ways to boost their social media platforms, develop e-marketing campaigns and create website copy, driving footfall and sending new clients your way!

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In conjunction with PR and Brand Building, I work on strategic fundraising for charities, including corporate partnerships and sponsorships as revenue streams. I have experience in organising high profile fundraising events, developing and managing corporate partnerships and community engagement.

Press releases and Media coverage