Caitlin Hazell

Caitlin Hazell


I grew up with dogs and cats and never really having a preference for dogs over cats, I always think it’s a rather silly question, a bit like asking ‘do you prefer horses or bears?’ They both have four legs and furry, but that’s about as a far as the similarities go in my book. Anyway, Lucas has been asking for a dog to join our clan for as long as I can remember. Working full-time, it was always a simple no, but as soon as I went freelance and mostly working from home, the question (nagging) started again. I knew if I said yes, that it would happen quickly and sure enough enter Maggie! I also knew from personal experience of being a child and not really helping with the animal care, that I would be the one responsible for the walking, poop scooping, training, disciplining, furniture chew patrol, getting up when she howls, vets’ trips, etc. And sure enough I wasn’t wrong, but she does bring with her a different and very fun dynamic to our house.

We already have two cats, Biscuit and Blue, who are less than impressed with the new arrival. So that in itself is pretty entertaining. Maggie is relentless in her ‘let’s be friends’ approaches and the cats are consistent in their ‘get stuffed’ responses.

Every morning, I’m usually up first to deal with the morning’s toileting duties and breakfasts for Maggie and moggies. Then enters Lucas, which Maggie gets very excited about! She sees him as her pal, so he needs to quickly get over his groggy state and prepare to be jumped on, chewed and licked!

We both have new variety of holes chewed in our pjs and socks, which are particular favourites of Maggie’s. A bathmat, a couple of pairs of shoes and a door mat have also met their fate!

I have quickly discovered that Maggie likes the pub. Whilst not wanting to miss out on socialising and popping for the occasional beer with friends, I have taken Maggie with me to dog friendly places like the Golden Ball and The Swan in York, which have beer gardens. She will happily get comfy on a lap and relish in the attention that being a cute young pup brings with it.

Maggie has attended several meetings with clients and is now a regular fixture in the Marketing Office at Castle Howard.

I have even taken Maggie on a couple of dates. She came on a first date to Valley Gardens in Harrogate which was a great ice breaker and conversation starter. She came on another walking in the Dales, which resulted in her being carried by my date part of the way up and down hills and across steppingstones, which she did not object to. In fairness, I would have preferred to have been carried across the very slippery, uneven steppingstones of a fast-flowing river too!

All in all, I think we have struck gold with this loving pooch. She’s terrified of traffic, refuses to poop anywhere other than my back yard, likes chewing my antique furniture, cries at 2am, but she’s also the gentlest, quietest and loving girl with the best ears. I think I speak for us both, when I say we wouldn’t be without Maggie aka The Magster, Maggie May I, Magatron, Giddy Kipper and I’m sure there will be more names to come!!

Caitlin Hazell


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