Caitlin Hazell

Caitlin Hazell


Christmas crackers have been a firm favourite tradition since the mid-1800’s. Traditionally pulled at the Christmas dinner table or parties where the contents include a coloured paper hat, a small plastic toy or other trinket, and a joke on a small strip of paper. We are all aware of the on-going battle of non-recyclable plastic that ends up in landfill, so as we get nearer to Christmas, there has been a growing number of petitions online to ban the Christmas Cracker. We think we have found the perfect alternative to guilt free crackers this year!

Interiors at Nine to Eleven in Malton are stocking a fabulous range of eco-conscious crackers, thoughtfully designed to bring the family together not contribute to the 154 million pieces of plastic that will end up in the ocean or landfill. This range of crackers produced by Celebration Crackers are made without glitter or foiling, so they are fully recyclable and contain non-plastic contents. This clever range of crackers include gingerbread crackers, which include gourmet cooking contents, perfect for a baker or foodie.

The Mr and Mrs Claus crackers contain racing reindeer toys which we are sure people will want to keep – they come with a racetrack so everyone can have fun, perfect for all ages.

This colourful set make up the components of a musical xylophone, there’s also a handbells version too. Perfect to keep the kids entertained!

Pets are not forgotten and excluded from the festivities with this adorable pet cracker, which do not contain a snap to protect their ears. Each with a special toy for them to enjoy, plus a hat and a pet-themed motto. There are dog and cat themed crackers and toys available.

It is Christmas tradition that we love and should be enjoyed by all member of the family, from children, to parents, to grandparents around the Christmas table, it would be a great shame to lose such a wonderful tradition.

For more details on purchasing this clever and environmentally range of crackers this year, you can either visit Interiors by Nine to Eleven at their luxury showroom in Malton (9 – 11 Market Place, Malton, YO17 7LP) or email

Caitlin Hazell


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