Caitlin Hazell

Caitlin Hazell


I have to be honest, I generally find Christmas shopping difficult, I’m sure I’m not alone. I tend to leave it late, then panic purchase. I like to try to be mindful of the environment when buying gifts and not buying mass produced, plastic or electrical items with a massive carbon footprint included in the price tag! I want to support local, independent business and as tempting as the likes of Amazon are, I remind myself that the high street is suffering due to these huge online businesses and what a shame it would be to see it completely disappear.

I love home and interiors, so working freelance for clients in this area is pretty much the dream! I have meetings in beautiful showrooms and shops where often I can’t leave without buying at least one gift or someone or myself (I’m not sure that’s always a good thing). Today was one of those days. Following my meeting at Upside Down Design, I bought a large church candle with over 200 hours burning time for my home, plus a ‘First Christmas’ gift for a friend’s baby, for less than £20, which I think is fantastic value.

Often my friends and family will receive gifts for the home, as this is my comfort zone and I know where to find interesting and inexpensive gifts. Here’s some of my favourite Christmas gifts from some of my fabulous clients, Interiors at Nine to Eleven in Malton, The French House and Upside Down Design.


Upside Down Design:
1. Maileg range is great for little ones – Superhero mouse in suitcase £19.95
2. Jewellery ranges, including this Dipta bracelet £10.95
3. Books and glassware – Free the tipple £9.95, Mila cocktail glass £9.95
2. Selection of colourful candles, holders and snuffers – Candles £1.49


Interiors at Nine to Eleven:
1. Edward Lear Nonsense Alphabet Mugs £10 each
2. Gisela Graham Wreaths £30 – £45
3. Tiger Christmas Tree Ornaments – £8.40 each
4. Animal Christmas Crackers – £6.80 each  


The French House:
1. Pair Italian Cherubs – Price £55 each or £100 for the pair
2. Ricard Glassware – Selection of carafes and glasses, Carafes £8 each and Glasses £4 each 
3. Old metal shop letters. A, K, M (or W), R and E available. Price £25 each
4. Selection of Photo Frames, all circa 1900. Prices £35 to £95

Working with the above independent businesses, I’m pleased to say I have started my Christmas shopping and it’s not even December – this is a FIRST! 

Other favourites that I go to for Christmas gifts are Lola Pearl Vintage, Rockett St George and Joanna Wakefield Jewellery

Advent Wreath – Lola Pearl Vintage, £32.95

Gin Teacup and Saucer (£25) and Mademoiselle Butterfly Eye Mask (£10) both Rockett St George

Jewellery range from Joanna Wakefield 

Happy shopping!


Caitlin Hazell


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