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Last year, I was introduced to Shelley Whitaker, originally from Western Australia, blogging award finalist for ’Favourite Family Travel Influencer’, mum to toddler Mackenzie, owner of two dogs and has made York her home (for now at least).

We met for coffee and discussed possible collaboration opportunities. I introduced Shelley to client Upside Down Design, hoping she would love it as much as I do, I’m delighted that it was not a hard sell and Shelley has become a regular visitor to the store. Fast forward and this month’s blogpost which is written by Shelley from Wander & Luxe on her relocating must-haves! You can sign up to receive her newsletters, where she talks all things travel, luxury and motherhood, plus exclusive offers and discounts from brands she works with. 

5 Things I Could Not Live Without When Relocating Countries

3 years ago, I moved from Perth, Australia to York, UK.  Whilst I had been to the UK many times and my parents were both born here, I had never actually been to York.  This expat life has been a whirlwind adventure for us, and we welcomed our daughter just 4 months after arriving in England.  You can read more about our tales and tribulations of parenthood and travelling on my blog, Wander & Luxe.   My blog has recently been shortlisted for a Tots 100 MAD Blog Award in the Favourite Family Travel Influencer Category – something which I am very proud of!  Today I am sharing 5 things that I could not live without when we moved countries.  They were the things at the top of my packing list to ensure they would be joining us for our new lives in York.

1. Coffee Machine

Despite being pregnant at the time of relocating, I could not live without my coffee machine.  So much so, I had my mum pack it up and express ship it to me the day after I left.  Thankfully there are lots of lovely coffee shops in York to keep my caffeine levels topped up, but I still need one first thing every morning!

2. Our Dogs

People said we were a little crazy for flying our two beagles to the other side of the world.  However, truth be told they are our responsibility and we couldn’t live without them.  The flight was hard on them and I still feel guilty for putting them through it.  However, they have settled into their York life and love being here with us.

Bailey and Nellie

3. Photographs

I have always had lots of photos around our home and now that we are further away from family and friends, it is even more important to me to have photos around the home.  I also want to ensure that our daughter knows who everyone is and can connect with them, even thru a photograph.

My design style is modern with Scandinavian influences and everything is black, white, greys and blush pink.  I love these silver frames from Upside Down Design.

Kiko Silver Frame from Upside Down Design – £16.95

4. Books

I promised myself that I wouldn’t accumulate a tonne of books whilst living in the UK and guess what … I’ve done it again!!  I love reading, mostly chick lit, but I also like to collect fashion and travel books for decoration around the home.  Books are far more affordable in the UK and there are just so many gorgeous ones to choose from.  I currently have my eye on “New York: Through A Fashion Eye” by Megan Hess.  I have been a huge fan of Megan’s work for several years now and have one of her Tiffany & Co illustrations in our home.

New York: Through a Fashion Eye – £12.99

5. Things to Make a House a Home

We didn’t bring any furniture to England but rather things to make the house feel like a home.  Such as bedding, towels, cushions and throws.  They are the type of things that make your house feel cosy and its definitely what you need in the UK in the winter months.  As we have now been here for 3 years, I am slowly updating the house with new lovely things.  I currently have my eye on this fabulously unique cushion at Upside Down Design.

Aldo Cushion Orage 45 x 45 – £49.95

So, whilst living away from our native home is an incredible adventure, there are just some creature comforts one needs to make you feel at home.  I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into our lives in York and I would love to know what 5 things you think you would take with you if you were to relocate.

Shelley x

Shelley Whitaker

Caitlin Hazell


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