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Caitlin Hazell


Most businesses appreciate the reasons why they should support charities as part of their CSR strategy, but there are multiple benefits to a business when partnering with a charity, including boosting staff morale and motivation. At the moment with so many of us still home-working, a partnership can provide a much-needed team boost on both sides! Giving your team something that they can get involved with and feel passionate about, alongside their day job, will naturally make your team feel good. A corporate partnership facilitates this.

There are lots of other benefits for businesses. Here are just a few…

Marketing and Advertising your Business

Partnerships usually offer some marketing benefits to your business, including social media and digital marketing. Equally, if you promote the partnership to your audience, you will be attracting more customers who share your business values, and you will enjoy repeat custom and greater loyalty for your business.

Competitive Advantage

The right partnership can also provide brand positioning gains for your business, giving you a competitive advantage. Sarah Cookson, Director and Solicitor at Switalskis said “We have very fortunately had some client that have come to us because of our partnership with CHSF.”

Brand Enhancement

Working with a local or regional charity in the area that your business operates, demonstrates that you care about your community and in turn your customers. It enhances your brand and shines a light on your brand and business values.

Staff Retention

A charity partnership can attract quality candidates and help retain them too. In the same way a business needs to work to attract and retain customers, they must engage with the workforce too. An engaging charity partnership allows employees to get involved and enhance their skills, which will in turn encourage them to stay and grow within the business.

Volunteering Opportunities

Through partnerships, we can offer corporate volunteering opportunities. Not only do these give employees a way to give back and help the charity but provide insight into how their fundraising efforts are supporting CHSF.

Networking Opportunities

We have found through our corporate supporters, that we get asked for business connections, which we are only too happy to share. It is a great way for like-minded businesses to connect and support each other and to find new market opportunities, that can allow their business to expand into new areas, products or services.

Increased visibility and positive PR

Our team will work with you to maximise the partnership. The team includes a dedicated Corporate Partnerships Manager, a Marketing and Communications Manager and Digital Marketing Manager, who together will work to maximise PR and social media opportunities.

So, what now? You may think that because of COVID-19 it is not the right time to seek a new corporate partnership, but as many businesses have had to adapt and change over the last year, now is a great time to add value, particularly within virtual or digital, which a charity partnership with us can offer. Partnering with CHSF can take different forms, including charity of the year, sponsorship, employee volunteering, events, payroll giving and more. To discuss the type of partnership that is right for your business, please get in touch with Caitlin and the Team on

To read more about Partnering with Children’s Heart Surgery Fund and the difference your support makes, click here.

Caitlin Hazell


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