Caitlin Hazell

Caitlin Hazell


With the current climate, it is vital that companies find new ways to differentiate themselves against their competitors and increase brand awareness amongst their target audience. One of the best ways to increase brand awareness is through sponsorship – specifically sponsorship in relation to charitable work and activities.

Sponsorship is not a new idea for businesses to promote their brand, but working with charities in this way, creates an emotive response alongside the goodwill already built through their sponsorship activation.

At CHSF as well as corporate partnerships, we offer businesses sponsorship opportunities, working with different budgets from £10 to £35,000. Sponsorship packages can be tailored to suit the company’s marketing needs and preferences and with a range of events, medical equipment and family support opportunities throughout the year. Sponsorship is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to Children’s Heart Surgery Fund offering lots of benefits.

Here are just a some of the reasons to consider sponsorship

Influence that other forms of advertising can’t buy

Sponsoring a charity has the potential to differentiate your brand against other competitors who don’t support charities.

Increased brand exposure, awareness, and loyalty

Companies that choose sponsorship with a charity are aligning their PR activity with a cause-related issue that enables them to build or increase your reputation amongst your target market.

Meaningful access to a new audience

Today, social media plays a vital role in businesses marketing strategies.  Brands who are involved with charitable work can typically work with the charities to utilise these social networks in order to promote your association providing a greater reach into a different audience.

CHSF has a growing social media audience with impressive engagement statistics, with our website averaging 9,000 page views each month, a social media following of over 18,000 people and an e-newsletter that is emailed to over 3,400 recipients monthly, imagine getting your brand in front of this loyal audience?!

Client entertainment

Depending on the sponsorship, it can form a key part of a business’s strategy to entertain clients or staff. An event like the CHSF Red Ball, includes a table of ten as part of the package. Which is an excellent way to say thank you to your team, or to entertain clients

New customer acquisition

Supporting a charity enhances a company’s credibility in a way that can spread a positive attitude amongst your audience and help to reach a new market, leading to new customers!

Caitlin Hazell


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